14 Ways to Spark Innovation

Mitch Ditkoff at Blogging Innovation has produced a nice list of 14 ways to encourage innovation within your organization. The headline for each of the 14 tips is as follows:

1. Follow your fascination

2. Immerse

3. Tolerate ambiguity

4. Make new connections

5. Fantasize

6. Define the right challenge

7. Listen to your subconscious

8. Take a break

9. Notice and challenge patterns and trends

10. Hang out with a diverse group of people

11. Brainstorm

12. Look for happy accidents

13. Use creative thinking techniques

14. Suspend logic

Those are the 14 tips. Of course, the devil is in the details, which I encourage you to read. (GW)

14 Ways to Spark Innovation | Blogging Innovation | Mitch Ditkoff | 27 September 2010

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