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The Digital Promise: Using Technology to Transform Learning

by elearnadmin
The effectiveness and quality of online teaching would leap forward if it took more advantage of the science that originated in the work of psychologist B. F. Skinner, according to his daughter and learning expert Dr. Julie Vargas, in this eLearn exclusive article. One of Skinner's invention, the teaching machine (shown at left), was an early example of technology-based education.[continue reading...] READER COMMENTS  Read the most recent reader comments posted on The Power Of A Name – "There is power and connection in the use of a student name. Email veers between false familiarity a..."Great Advice! – "That was great advice...."Thank [...]

Web 2.0 Tools For Students and Teachers

by elearnadmin
With the start of the new school year, many teachers and students are seeking new products and technologies to help them through their upcoming academics. With the increase of teachers using blogs and wikis, and students networking and utilizing online tools, the demand for easier and more efficient ways of learning is on the rise. To me, the growing interest for web-based learning is amazing, which brought me to thinking; what if I were to consolodate some of the helpful online products and services that can help students, teachers and administrators alike? Well, I convinced myself. The following is a [...]

Is your Organization Ready for E-Learning?

by elearnadmin
Last week I discussed the value of e-learning readiness surveys as part of an overall strategy to evaluate the effectiveness of non-formal learning initiatives in organizations. The feedback on the survey was so good, I though that I’d delve a little deeper into why you there is training (and business) value in undertaking such a survey, even if only to get a better measurement of your organization’s e-learning capability. According to Marc Rosenberg: The questions provided in this survey represent some of the most important strategic issues organizations face when transitioning to e-learning. Certainly there are additional questions and issues [...]

E-Learning Tools List – Top 10 for 2010

by elearnadmin
Every year the estimable Jane Hart (owner and proprietor of Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies) asks learning professionals to submit their Top 10 E-Learning Tools for the previous twelve months. So without further ado, here is my Third Annual Top 10 E-Learning Tools. My, how time flies. In alphabetical order (because every one of them is a winner!): Adobe Acrobat Connect Enterprise – I could have picked any from the range of Adobe Flash-based content development tools, but I chose this application because of its multi-functionality, and because it manifests what Flash, Presenter, Dreamweaver etc can do. Enables collaboration, [...]

Knowledge Management and E-Learning

by elearnadmin
Welcome back again my friends! After a very pleasant vacation, it’s time once again to place both feet on the tread, brace my shoulder against the spoke, and turn the mill-wheel of knowledge that is the E-Learning Curve Blog. Let’s begin again by returning to the fundamentals. When I consider e-learning as a domain and as a discipline, as well as ponder its strengths, weaknesses, implications – and how best to define it, I invariably return to Don Morrison’s definition of the term as my lodestone. It is simply the most satisfactory description of the term. As a reminder, here’s [...]
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