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The shape-shifting future of the mobile phone

by elearnadmin
Designer Fabian Hemmert demonstrates several new ideas about the future design of mobile phones. In this TEDxBerlin talk, he shows how a mobile phone could be built to shift its weight to signal direction changes, to change its shape to communicate that it is “alive” or has reactions, and to morph into other useful objects. Watch this 4+ min video, and then read the comments. Some are quite critical of these ideas. To see the video clip, click here. (GW) Tagged as: Future, Mobile Phones View the original article here

14 Ways to Spark Innovation

by elearnadmin
Mitch Ditkoff at Blogging Innovation has produced a nice list of 14 ways to encourage innovation within your organization. The headline for each of the 14 tips is as follows: 1. Follow your fascination 2. Immerse 3. Tolerate ambiguity 4. Make new connections 5. Fantasize 6. Define the right challenge 7. Listen to your subconscious 8. Take a break 9. Notice and challenge patterns and trends 10. Hang out with a diverse group of people 11. Brainstorm 12. Look for happy accidents 13. Use creative thinking techniques 14. Suspend logic Those are the 14 tips. Of course, the devil is in [...]

Is the LMS Dead?

by elearnadmin
No, says, Is the LMS Dead? writer Ed Cohen of Plateau, but it’s reinvented to include social networking, Web 2.0, and collaboration tools. In today’s “new” LMS, user-driven content should be able to be shared, enhanced, commented on and rated, with the goal of increasing workforce efficiency and productivity. Learners should be able to post questions, documents and best practices and also be able to locate subject-matter experts and information quickly and easily. These shifts in functionality serve to not only make learning more social, but also complement the formal learning capabilities found in traditional LMS solutions. The article describes [...]

Tom Kuhlmann’s Free PowerPoint Template + AirDropper

by elearnadmin
Tom Kuhlmann shares a PowerPoint template and two tutorials about how he did it. His visual inspiration is the AirDropper website. (AirDropper is a service that lets you use Dropbox to share files without having to install the Dropbox application.) Both the template and the tip about AirDropper are very good. (TW) Tagged as: rapid e-learning View the original article here

2010 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies

by elearnadmin
Gartner has released the 2010 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies. This annual report tracks the progression of various technologies through the Hype Cycle. The cycle begins with “… over-enthusiasm through a period of disillusionment to an eventual understanding of the technology’s relevance and role in a market or domain.”  So what’s hot and what’s not? Some of the themes that emerged from the report include: Technologies such as media tablets, 3D flat-panel TV’s, gesture recognition will drive new styles of user interactionAugmented reality is “… creating new opportunities for personalized and contextually aware information access.”Cloud computing continues to have impact [...]

19% of Americans Make Video Calls

by elearnadmin
The Pew Internet & American Life Project reports that 19% of Americans have tried video calls or video chat, either online or on a mobile phone. Pretty amazing… (Kind of humbling when you think that many people in e-learning are still trying to get sound to work well in webinars…) And, just to make the world of video calling vivid, here’s a video showing the Tango app that allows video calls across iPhone and Android: (TW) One in Five Americans Make Video Calls | 13 October 2010 Tagged as: Apps, Mobile Learning, Video View the original article here

How to Manage to Foster Innovation

by elearnadmin
Innovation, or lack of it, is a hot topic right now. The Globe and Mail recently reported that the Conference Board has slapped Canada with a grade of D for innovation this year. Comparatively, Switzerland gets a shining mark. My friend Valerie continues to make my morning search for Workplace Learning Today content a lot easier by sending me great content. This post describes nine management techniques that foster innovation. Lesson One: Herd Your Black Sheep“I want artists who are frustrated. I want the ones who have another way of doing things that nobody’s listening to”Lesson Two: Perfect is the Enemy [...]

Creating a Patient-Centered Future for Health Care

by elearnadmin
New medical technologies are constantly being invented and added to doctor’s offices and hospitals. But most of these are developed from the physician’s point of view. What if medical technologies were developed for patients, to help them manage their own health care? Then the technologies would work and look different than the complicated machines that technicians use to scan our bodies or carry out other medical procedures. The patient experience and the physician experience would change. This is the premise of a post by Alissa Walker, a design writer for Fast Company’s Co.Design website. She quotes designer Kai Worrell who [...]

Knowledge. Defining the Problem. Somewhat.

by elearnadmin
When we consider knowledge in the organizational or workplace environment, I would suggest that the immediate word association that emerges in most peoples’ minds is “knowledge management.” As I have already suggested, knowledge is a kind of cognitive or conceptual dark matter that we know must exist, but measuring and quantifying it, and demonstrating its effects is a sophisticated business. In her 2010 article Knowledge Management Definition and Solutions, Meredith Levinson begins by asserting that “there’s no [my italics] universal definition of knowledge management.” Looking at the literature, definitions of KM cover a relatively broad range of the domain. Table [...]

Knowledge Management and E-Learning

by elearnadmin
Welcome back again my friends! After a very pleasant vacation, it’s time once again to place both feet on the tread, brace my shoulder against the spoke, and turn the mill-wheel of knowledge that is the E-Learning Curve Blog. Let’s begin again by returning to the fundamentals. When I consider e-learning as a domain and as a discipline, as well as ponder its strengths, weaknesses, implications – and how best to define it, I invariably return to Don Morrison’s definition of the term as my lodestone. It is simply the most satisfactory description of the term. As a reminder, here’s [...]
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