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What’s New With Learning Management Systems?

by elearnadmin
What are the recent trends in learning management systems? Where are these trends leading? What are some of the issues that LMS vendors and users face today?   To find out the answers to these questions and get up to speed on everything LMS, attend the free Webinar: Learning Management Systems: Trends and Issues with Tom Werner and Richard Nantel on Wednesday, 15 September 2010, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM (GMT -04:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).   This Webinar will contain insights from the production of the LMS Knowledgebase 2010, a searchable database of 125 commercially available learning management [...]

What Tech Startups Can Teach Us About Online Community Building

by elearnadmin
Mashable blogger Jennifer Van Grove provides an account of How 7 Startups Are Building Their Online Communities. Specifically, she reports on the social media tools these startups use for community building as well as how they define interaction, what kind of value they place on their community as well as what kind of monitoring and measurement they consider important. The technological startups that are featured are: PandoraShwowpSeesmicDisqusPosterousKloutCurate.us It is evident that many of the techniques used by these techno-saavvy startup administrators are applicable to building online communities of all kinds. The running theme is around active listening, timely reactions and [...]

Internal Social Networks May Help Break Down Institutional Silos

by elearnadmin
The City University of New York has created its own, internal social network called CUNY Academic Commons. You can browse the site but to be a member requires a valid City University of New York e-mail address. Due to privacy concerns, most universities will not ask their students, faculty, and staff to join a public network such as Facebook. Consequently, more academic institutions are creating their own social networks. For the same reasons, I believe that we’re going to see more businesses embracing their own internal networks. The corporate intranets of the 1990s will be replaced with internal social networks. [...]

New Report: High Definition Videoconferencing for Training

by elearnadmin
Videoconferencing technologies range from audio-only Web conferencing all the way up to high definition “telepresence suites” that attempt to create the illusion of actually being in the same room as others on the conference. Which of these technologies are best for corporate training?  A new Brandon Hall Research report, “High Definition Videoconferencing for Training ,” by senior analyst Gary Woodill answers this question as it considers the latest and predicted forms of hardware, applications, and services for videoconferencing in business environments. The report identifies and discusses: Five broad drivers or motivators for videoconferencingTwenty-one innovative trends in videoconferencingEducation and training applications [...]

Do You Have an Effective e-Learning Strategy?

by elearnadmin
Is your training function keeping up with the competition? Time is short and budgets are scarce, so how can you accomplish your training goals and avoid ending up with a hodge podge of tools and processes?  You need a strategic plan! On Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time (U.S. & Canada) Lisa Toenniges, President of the Innovative Learning Group and Matt Kurtin, Lead Programmer, will present the workshop:  ”A Strategy for Powerful, Practical E-Learning: Do You Have One?” This workshop will cover the following areas to guide you in making thoughtful and strategic decisions so you can effectively create [...]
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