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From the Classroom to Online: Making the Move

by elearnadmin
The internet continues to shape our lives: from work to play, from shopping to traveling, from socializing to learning, and more. Online learning therefore is gaining in popularity. Online learning can be a cost-effective and time saving alternative to traditional, physical classrooms. It offers organizations whether large or small the ability to deliver high-quality learning experiences right to the desktop of learners, more efficiently and potentially even more effectively. However, moving from the classroom to online learning is not simply a matter of creating a presentation slide deck, loading an application and putting on a pair of headphones. Join us [...]

Get our Mobile Learning Report Free!

by elearnadmin
The Brandon Hall Group is currently researching authoring tool usage and requests your participation in a brief survey designed to measure how many people are using tools other than MS PowerPoint to create sales and product demos, e-learning courses, presentations or tutorials. Depending on your answers, the survey will contain no more than 30 questions and should take less than ten minutes to complete. As a thank you for completing the survey, the last page of the survey will provide a link to download our Mobile Learning report. To participate in the survey, click here. Tweet This PostTagged as: Authoring Tools, [...]

Reality TV and E-Learning: The Next Frontier? Three Possible Edu-Reality Shows

by elearnadmin
Are you one of the 2 million or so viewers who watched Charlie Sheen's UStream show (Sheen's Korner) within the first week of its broadcast? Are you one of his 2 million Twitter followers? If so, you may have witnessed a new form of reality television -- one that could have applicability to e-learning. There are courses that study cultural and sociological phenomena, and there are entire degree programs that focus on trying to make sense of our rapidly evolving world. Why not consider new kinds of informal learning? Let's look at where we are. So far, reality television and [...]

Pondering a “Post-LMS” World

by elearnadmin
Mal Poulin and Paul Bejgrowicz of RWD Technologies add intelligence to the “Is the LMS dead” debate by reframing it. They say, in a nutshell (and I’m paraphrasing): It’s not that the LMS is dead…Or even that some organizations are putting a portal in front of their LMS to make it more social and to allow access to stuff that’s not in the LMS…It’s that there are data about employees’ learning that are not in an LMS…such as data automatically collected by big ERP or CRM systems about employees’ transactional proficiency in them…and data in HR/talent systems about employees’ competencies…and [...]

I Know What Learners Need

by elearnadmin
Last Saturday, I was talking with a past colleague and good friend Virginie, an instructional designer working in the field for 10 years now. We talked about some of the struggles we go through in this profession. We tried to pin point what was the one character quality that all instructional designers should have. We both agreed that it was empathy, that is the ability to put one’s self in the learner’s seat and anticipate their needs. This, coupled with competency in applying sound instructional design techniques is what makes an instructional designer great. When I read a recent post by Archana [...]
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