All-in-1 LMS Software
Why All-in-1 LMS Software?
Manage Your Entire Training, and Collaboration Operations Better With One Single Integrated Web-Based Training Solution

eLearningZoom All-in-1 LMS Learning Suite is the industry’s first and only Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) learning collaboration software that supports your entire company-from online meeting webinar to learning management system (LMS) and email marketing campaign capabilities—in a single, integrated and powerful business learning collaboration management software solution.

What makes eLearningZoom All-in-1 LMS Learning Suite’s SaaS solution different is that it’s built around a single customer record, so contact management, live collaboration, and on-demand training program all use the same information for every interaction.
Key Benefits
eLearningZoom All-in-1 LMS Learning empowers organizations to:
  • Accelerate time-to-competence and productivity. eLearningZoom All-in-1 LMS Learning Suite gives trainers, managers, employees, customers, and partners worldwide the functionality and tools they need to manage their entire training and collaboration better and streamline operations for better learning experience.
  • Increase collaboration. eLearningZoom allows your customers, partners and vendors to collaborate anytime with eZ-Web Conferencing. Allowing you to get closer to your customers and partners, move quickly and seize opportunities.
  • Eliminate IT maintenance and upgrade costs. eLearningZoom is cloud-based, learning collaboration software with a 99.5% uptime guarantee. This gives you greater reliability while eliminating the need for on-site hardware and software.
  • Eliminate data re-entry. eLearningZoom is the only SaaS learning suite that is built on a single record for every aspect of business, from learning management system to email marketing campaign. There’s no need to waste time re-inputting data into separate systems.
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