All-in-one Talent Management
eLearningZoom All-in-1 Talent Management is the world’s 1st talent recruiting solution that helps you attract, target, and screen the best-fit candidates for less time at the lowest cost. Unlike other solutions, eLearningZoom All-in-1 Talent Management can help every recruiting manager to create a pool of best talent candidates before you even need to hire them.
  • Target and screen out the best talent: eLearningZoom All-in-1 Talent Management notifies your best talent with your latest job immediately when it is available. Our on-demand self-assessment competency-based strategy can speed up the hiring process effectively and efficiently.
  • Connect, and engage easily and effectively: Apply virtual career fair best practices to connect to all strong candidates so you can get the best results.
  • Onboard training: Accelerate new-hire training so that they can have a fast start at work for optimal productivity.
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