Back to School Resolution – Get Ready for Swine Flu this Fall?

What is your Back to School Resolution?

In a new strategic partnership with Green Technology Institute and GreeniTV, eLearningZoom will be working with GreeniTV to enable every schools for online training and online learning. You can download my presentation on the web site.

The report was released by a group of top scientists tasked with looking at the Swine Flu threat and the nation’s preparedness.  They are careful to say the following is not a “prediction” but rather a “plausible scenario” of what we may face, soon:

–30-50% of the US population may become infected with the flu

–As many as 1.8 million Americans may need to be hospitalized

–Swine Flu could very well result in a big uptick in deaths from flu.  In a normal year some 30,000-40,000 Americans die from flu.  This year, with Swine Flu, that number could range upwards from 30,000 to 90,000.

Here is the latest news on the Swine Flu preparation:

Schools urged to prepare for swine flu absences

” schools should evaluate what materials they have available for at-home learning. The latest guidance provides more details on methods schools could use, such as distributing recorded classes on podcasts and DVDs; creating take-home packets with up to 12 weeks of printed class material; or holding live classes via conference calls or “webinars.”
                                                                            U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan
                                                                                              August 24, 2009   

If you are interested in joining us with this new “SWINE FLU PREVENTION” project, please email me ASAP.
Together, we can provide more learning experience for better future tomorrow!



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