Yola.vn your online learning assistant

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Yola.vn the #1 online learning assistant in Vietnam

Benefits of Online Learning

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Greater numbers of students today are able to earn advanced degrees, thanks to online learning. Outlining the benefits of online learning would take too long to read, so here are the top three benefits of online course work. www.ccu.edu/blogs/cags/post/2011/06/08/Benefits-Of-Online...

Holt Online Learning

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Continue reading here: Holt Online Learning

Contacting Online Learning

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Page header image for the Online Learning website at Eastern Washington University: outreach.ewu.edu/online.html. Used Photoshop.

NSCC – Online Learning

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I am an Instructional Designer at Online Learning. I have been with the college for 13 years and cannot see myself working anywhere else.

eLearningZoom Virtual Academic Achievement Ecosystem (VAAE)

Below is a summary of  eLearningZoom Virtual Academic Achievement Ecosystem (VAAE) Proposal for the Bill Gates Education Challenge. Just like what Steve Jobs said, it is all about connecting to all the missing dots. The eLearningZoom Virtual Academic Achievement Ecosystem (VAAE) is a new game changer to solve today's US education crisis with high dropout rates for K12 and college students. The eLearningZoom VAAE is a complete integrated student centric achievement solution consisting of three key applications (Social Learning, Virtual Job Fair, and Virtual Math/Science/Innovation Contest Competition that addresses the following three roadblocks to college education – Social Learning/Mentoring Portal [...]

How to Create Online Training & Online Course

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With eLearningZoom Social Learning Marketplace, you can easily create your online course quickly in minutes with full integration with facebook and twitter for FREE massive qualified leads. Source: Youtube

50 Internet Marketing Tools

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It is great to have more resources as your secret weapons. Here's a list of 50 internet marketing tools to help you skyrocket your internet business to the crazy success you deserve. We all know that every job is easier when we use the right tools to do it. Yes, you CAN loosen a screw with a knife but using a screwdriver makes the job oh... so much easier! The same is true of working online. When you use the right internet marketing tools building an online business becomes oh... so much easier! So... Educate Yourself, Get The Word Out, [...]

CamStudio Review

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If you can't afford Camtasia, you can get a FREE screen recording software such as CamStudio to do the job. CamStudio is an open-source screen-capture video recording software which is great to create short video tutorials, capture your gaming action, record your web-based activity, and much more. With the overwhelming popularity of video and video-based sharing sites like YouTube, video is definitely the way to go when it comes to sharing information online. Camtasia Studio is one of the most popular video screen-capture recording applications, however, it costs around $299. No doubt, Camtasia Studio a robust platform to record online [...]
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