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eLearningZoom Launches New Enterprise Performance Learning Management System

Summary: Based on the latest Brandon Hall Group Report 2014, many organizations feel that ease of use, reporting, and adaptability are the top weaknesses of today’s LMS vendors.  eLearningZoom Performance Solution specifically addresses these LMS issues, as an industry game changer. San Francisco, CA., March 28, 2014 – eLearningZoom, a global leader in All-in-1 Online Training Solution, announced a brand new Enterprise Performance solution specifically aimed at addressing the current LMS satisfaction trends with better reporting features and capability, flexible user interface for high productivity and cost-effectiveness. eLearningZoom’s new onlne training software offers custom configurations that allows for easy management [...]

eLearningZoom Virtual Academic Achievement Ecosystem (VAAE)

Below is a summary of  eLearningZoom Virtual Academic Achievement Ecosystem (VAAE) Proposal for the Bill Gates Education Challenge. Just like what Steve Jobs said, it is all about connecting to all the missing dots. The eLearningZoom Virtual Academic Achievement Ecosystem (VAAE) is a new game changer to solve today's US education crisis with high dropout rates for K12 and college students. The eLearningZoom VAAE is a complete integrated student centric achievement solution consisting of three key applications (Social Learning, Virtual Job Fair, and Virtual Math/Science/Innovation Contest Competition that addresses the following three roadblocks to college education – Social Learning/Mentoring Portal [...]

JumpStart Your Training Business with Social Learning

Hello everyone, We are excited to share with everyone our latest Social Learning Marketplace - the world's 1st all-in-1 social learning marketplace that integrates both sell and buy opportunities for all trainers, consultants, educators, as well as learners. Here are the highlighted features of eLearningZoom Social Learning: Communities of Best Practice: Enable learners can collaborate within groups around specific learning activities focused on specific topics. Quick search: Allows users to quickly and easily find any learning content Built-in Forums, Blogs, Wikis: Enable collaboration, users can use built-in forums, blogs, and wikis within any community of practice to easily discuss and [...]

HR Systems Joins Force with eLearningZoom to Deliver Social Learning to Department of Navy

HR Systems Joins Force with eLearningZoom to Deliver Social Learning to Department of Navy San Francisco, CA., September 21, 2012 – eLearningZoom, a new game changer of Online Training and Social Learning Provider, today announced that HR Systems, a leading HR Training Company has successfully launched an online training portal for US Navy using eLearningZoom Social Learning Suite. With today’s challenging environment, organizations including public agencies as well as private sectors are all embracing online training for its cost-effectiveness and flexibility. “We are extremely pleased that HR Systems decided to collaborate with eLearningZoom to deliver eLearningZoom Social Learning to the [...]

eLearningZoom Special 3-in-1 Social Learning Solution

[wp_graphic id="button2" type="buttons" align="left" width="50px" url="http://www.sociallearningmarketplace.com/www/company_register.php?plan=3/"][/wp_graphic]     Please make sure that you enter promo code = "special".    

Connectivism, Networked Learning, Connective Knowledge course

by elearnadmin
George Siemens and Stephen Downes, those inveterate provokers-of-thought in digitally-mediated education, are co-facilitating what will probably be an innovative and timely online learning program titled Connectivism, Networked Learning and Connective Knowledge, beginning January 12th 2011. According to the authors, Connectivism and Connective knowledge will explore the concepts of connectivism and connective knowledge and discuss their application as a framework for theories of teaching and learning. It will outline a connectivist understanding of educational systems of the future. This course will help participants make sense of the transformative impact of technology in teaching and learning over the last decade. The voices [...]

The E-Learning Curve Blog is 2010 Edublogs Awards Nominated!

by elearnadmin
Hmmm… Anyhoo, as you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of the E-Learning Curve Blog, I do more than just author this modest contribution to life online: this site links to my e-learning consultancy website (Michael Hanley Consulting), and to my two podcast services; the E-Learning Curve Podcast is (unsurprisingly) about technology in education, and the Other One, which is about subjects that interest me but are not e-learning-related (but are probably educational). Some of the topics I’ve covered include the Golden Age of Aviation, music, and architecture, to name but a few. I’m delighted – and very, very honoured [...]

A for-profit social enterprise model for e-learning

by elearnadmin
As you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of the E-Learning Curve Blog I’m always pleased to highlight e-learning initiatives and innovations from Ireland particularly now, when Ireland is viewed as the “sick man of Europe” because of our financial woes. However, government incompetence in the management of the economy aside, Ireland has a vibrant technology and knowledge-based industrial economy. We excel in e-learning – I guess most people in the industry have heard of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), SmartForce and Electric Paper, for example. These large companies notwithstanding, there are over fifty ‘other’ e-learning development houses in the country. [...]

Knowledge. Defining the Problem. Somewhat.

by elearnadmin
When we consider knowledge in the organizational or workplace environment, I would suggest that the immediate word association that emerges in most peoples’ minds is “knowledge management.” As I have already suggested, knowledge is a kind of cognitive or conceptual dark matter that we know must exist, but measuring and quantifying it, and demonstrating its effects is a sophisticated business. In her 2010 article Knowledge Management Definition and Solutions, Meredith Levinson begins by asserting that “there’s no [my italics] universal definition of knowledge management.” Looking at the literature, definitions of KM cover a relatively broad range of the domain. Table [...]
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