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eLearningZoom Virtual Academic Achievement Ecosystem (VAAE)

Below is a summary of  eLearningZoom Virtual Academic Achievement Ecosystem (VAAE) Proposal for the Bill Gates Education Challenge. Just like what Steve Jobs said, it is all about connecting to all the missing dots. The eLearningZoom Virtual Academic Achievement Ecosystem (VAAE) is a new game changer to solve today's US education crisis with high dropout rates for K12 and college students. The eLearningZoom VAAE is a complete integrated student centric achievement solution consisting of three key applications (Social Learning, Virtual Job Fair, and Virtual Math/Science/Innovation Contest Competition that addresses the following three roadblocks to college education – Social Learning/Mentoring Portal [...]

eLearningZoom Special 3-in-1 Social Learning Solution

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eLearningZoom & Greentech Center for Excellence for the Next Trillion Dollar Market

by elearnadmin
The Greentech Center for Excellence, a Los Angeles-based green technology incubator, proposes a Solar School Initiative and Green Campus Program that aims to empower teachers and students to learn how to design and build a 'green and global' economy in the Pacific Century.  School campuses are uniquely situated to function as neighborhood communications centers during local and regional emergencies when power lines are down and other public challenges occur, in particular in the event of a massive earthquake emergency.  Similarly, school administrators must be prepared to provide Online Learning to their schools' students during epidemics and pandemics, such as the current swine flu pandemic, to enable the continuity of [...]

eLearningZoom joins force with Eco-hut Academy for Green Job Training

by elearnadmin
Robert Srinivas, CEO/President Eco-Hut Academy discusses how eLearningZoom will make a big difference in delivering Green Job Training to everyone for job creation!

eLearningZoom joins force with Green Coalition for Green Job Training at Green School Summit

by elearnadmin
eLearningZoom is excited to be part of the Green Coalition formed by Les Hamasaki, COO at Green Technology Institute. Matt Fok, the CEO and Founder had an opportunity to interview Les for his vision on how the Green Coalition will help create more jobs in the new green economy!
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