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I Know What Learners Need

by elearnadmin
Last Saturday, I was talking with a past colleague and good friend Virginie, an instructional designer working in the field for 10 years now. We talked about some of the struggles we go through in this profession. We tried to pin point what was the one character quality that all instructional designers should have. We both agreed that it was empathy, that is the ability to put one’s self in the learner’s seat and anticipate their needs. This, coupled with competency in applying sound instructional design techniques is what makes an instructional designer great. When I read a recent post by Archana [...]

Slideshare’s Zipcast: A light, Cloud-Based Synchronous Presentation Tool

by elearnadmin
In case you haven’t noticed, a significant trend in learning technology is the growth of small, light, cloud-based applications. Whereas older, established, solution providers focused on adding more and more features to their software, providers of these new apps keep the feature set low and focus on ease of use. Slideshare’s Zipcast is one such product. It’s a Web conferencing tool designed for synchronous online presentations and is well suited for virtual classroom applications. Unlike more advanced tools, you can’t schedule or record a presentation and can only have a single presenter. Below is a Robert Scoble interview about the [...]

Turning Employee Engagement Into Innovation

by elearnadmin
It is a truism that modern businesses run on innovation. Because we like in a time of rapid change, methods, products and processes that were current or hot ideas one year are the rejected for a fresh approach the next year. James Pasmantier of the innovation management company BrightIdea has a detailed post on how best to encourage employees to produce a continuous stream of innovations. Some of the best practices include: Consistency: It’s crucial that recognition is consistent to avoid confusion and hurt feelings. It will also make it easier for other employees to model the desired thoughts and [...]

Six Collaboration Tools

by elearnadmin
Makeuseof.com is a good place to discover new tools and technologies, many of which can be leveraged for learning and development. This week, they’ve presented six tools to enable collaboration: TeamLab is a project management application.Sync.in is a Web-based word processor people can use to work on documents collaborativelyTwiddla is a collaborative markup toolTokbox, DimDim, Vyew are Web conferencing applications Many of the tools covered by Makeuseof.com are free, with premium versions available for a monthly fee. (RN) The 6 Best Free Online Meeting Tools to Collaborate With Your Team | Make Use Of | Jessica Cam Wong | 3 [...]

Online Learning and Development Strategy for Organizational Survival

by elearnadmin
One of the greatest challenges many of my clients share is convincing their organization’s decision makers and purse holders to invest in Learning and Development, and even more challenging—yes even now in 2011—is the argument for online learning and development. Bob Lee comes up with some pretty convincing arguments and ties them directly to the bottom line in his latest blog post entitled Learning and the State of Business in 2011. In fact, he explains something that all of us in learning and development have known for a while: an efficient and effective learning and development strategy is necessary for [...]

Technical Considerations for Mobile Learning via Tablets – A Preliminary List

by elearnadmin
About a month ago, I blogged on how Deloitte Canada’s Ducan Stewart predicted a dramatic increase in tablet sales in enterprise for 2011. As we move into February and more and more tablets emerge, so does the data and information about tablets. Yesterday, John Paczkowski blogged about a recent Morgan Stanley survey of 50 enterprise CIOs of large organizations. The survey found that over half of the CIOs expect to be buying tablets for their staff within a year. Moreover, Gary Woodill blogged yesterday about the various books about m-Learning that are now available. We can deduce from the emergence [...]

Tom Kuhlmann on Remarkable E-Learning

by elearnadmin
Tom Kuhlmann summarizes his e-learning design philosophy in an educational and entertaining post: Use good visual design to make the course remarkable.Have the learner pull (select, choose) the content.Give the learner navigational freedom. To emphasize being remarkable, Tom points to Seth Godin’s classic 2003 lecture on sliced bread and purple cows at TED. If you start watching it you won’t be able to stop… (TW) 3 Ways to Build Remarkable E-Learning | 16 November 2010 Tagged as: rapid e-learning View the original article here купить китайский iphone 4g

Enrollment in Higher Ed Online Classes Up 21 Percent

by elearnadmin
An annual survey of 2,600 higher-education institutions indicates that enrollment in online classes has grown 21 percent in the last year. …one million more students were enrolled in at least one Web-based course, bringing the total number of online students to 5.6 million. The survey also indicated that “66 percent of college administrators say that online education is the same as or better than face-to-face classes.” It’s becoming increasingly likely that graduates entering the workforce will have encountered online learning during their academic years. (RN) Enrollment in Online Courses Increases at the Highest Rate Ever | The Chronicle of Higher [...]

Huge Sales for New Shooter Game

by elearnadmin
Those of us who are not gamers should keep an eye on how big the gaming phenomenon is. Call of Duty: Black Ops had first-day sales of $360 million. (The game starts at $59.99.) The obvious point is that future (and current) workplace learners are growing up on immersive games. Here is the (loud and violent) trailer (that has been viewed six million times). (TW) Record Sales for ‘Call of Duty’ | 12 November 2010 Tagged as: games View the original article here

Lots of Tips and Tutorials on Rapid eLearning

by elearnadmin
Rapid authoring tools are handy when the creation of online materials is simple and straight forward presentation of materials. Tom Kuhlman at Articulate has two blog posts that outline what is possible in terms of rapid development of learning materials. The first post is called Over 75 Free Rapid eLearning Resources, and contains useful information on a wide variety of tools for authoring content. The second post is titled Here Are More than 200 Rapid eLearning Tutorials, and contains all the free advice you will need to use to rapid authoring. (GW) Over 75 Free Rapid eLearning Resources |Rapid eLearning Blog | [...]
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