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Lots of Tips and Tutorials on Rapid eLearning

by elearnadmin
Rapid authoring tools are handy when the creation of online materials is simple and straight forward presentation of materials. Tom Kuhlman at Articulate has two blog posts that outline what is possible in terms of rapid development of learning materials. The first post is called Over 75 Free Rapid eLearning Resources, and contains useful information on a wide variety of tools for authoring content. The second post is titled Here Are More than 200 Rapid eLearning Tutorials, and contains all the free advice you will need to use to rapid authoring. (GW) Over 75 Free Rapid eLearning Resources |Rapid eLearning Blog | [...]

New Issue of the International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (Free Download)

by elearnadmin
There is a new issue of the International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies  (Vol 4, No 4, 2010). Here is the Table of Contents: MobiQiyas: A Mobile Learning Standardized Test Preparation for Saudi Arabian Students  Mohssen Mohammed Alabbadi  pp. 4-11 Mobile Information System, How to Build with Case StudyRizik M. H. Al-Sayyed, S. Manaseer, O. Rababeh  pp. 12-17 Building an e-Commerce Infrastructure in Jordan: Challenges and Requirements  Muhannad Anwar Al-Shboul, Izzat Mahmoud Alsmadi  pp. 18-24 Agent-Based Mobile Event Notification System Rania Fahim El-Gazzar, Osama Badawy, Mohamed Kholief  pp. 25-30 Motivation, Psychology and Language Effect on Mobile Learning in Universiti Sains Malaysia Issham Ismail, Rozhan [...]

Effective E-Learning for Technology Transfer in the Global, Multi-Generational Workplace

by elearnadmin
Podcast - download here. When you think of the best way to learn about the newest technology, what do you think of? Chances are, the first thing you'll do is to engage in informal e-learning, which is to say that you'll do a Google search and read articles, white papers, advertising, customer testimonials, and commercial promotions in order to familiarize yourself. At the same time, you may enroll in a master's degree program and start diversifying your knowledge, skills, and experience. This post was made to accompany a presentation which you can download here:http://www.beyondutopia.net/presentations/nash-2010-10-20.pdf What do you do, however, when [...]

Remote Control Robots Used to Teach Language Skills

by elearnadmin
There’s a shortage of English teachers in South Korea. There are, however, many English teachers in the Philipines. To solve this supply and demand challenge, the South Korean government has created remote control robots that are operated by teachers in the Philipines. As an engineering achievement, they are a feat. Brightly colored and shaped like penguins, the roughly three-foot-tall robots can roll around, recognize speech, and display facial expressions as they broadcast audio. They are designed to help with pronunciation, among other tasks. Mun Sang Kim, director of the institute’s Center for Intelligent Robotics, believes robots produce a more engaging [...]

Free e-book: Learning Perspectives 2010

by elearnadmin
The Masie Centre has just released a free e-book with contributions from “40 Global Learning Leaders”. Edited by Nigel Paine & Elliott Masie, they describe the four sections of the book as follows: New Learning Frameworks – “The first section shares some new paradigms for learning.”Under 30 Perspectives – “The second is a collection of views of the 30 Under 30 Group, who entered into the spirit of the book by producing their visions, views and comments in a very short amount of time. There are 24 worthwhile and challenging comments from this group…” Learning in Action – The third section [...]

60 Great Resources for Teaching Online

by elearnadmin
Need help to prepare online courses and to deliver them online? Tony Karrer has compiled a list of 60 great resources for you, all in one blog post. The list covers books, blog posts and articles on: Teaching onlineConducting online discussionsUsing social networks, andEffective online conferences. A nice compilation of useful materials for the online teacher. (GW) Teaching Online Courses – 60 Great Resources | eLearning Technology | Tony Karrer | 25 October 2010 Tagged as: online teaching, resources View the original article here

The shape-shifting future of the mobile phone

by elearnadmin
Designer Fabian Hemmert demonstrates several new ideas about the future design of mobile phones. In this TEDxBerlin talk, he shows how a mobile phone could be built to shift its weight to signal direction changes, to change its shape to communicate that it is “alive” or has reactions, and to morph into other useful objects. Watch this 4+ min video, and then read the comments. Some are quite critical of these ideas. To see the video clip, click here. (GW) Tagged as: Future, Mobile Phones View the original article here

14 Ways to Spark Innovation

by elearnadmin
Mitch Ditkoff at Blogging Innovation has produced a nice list of 14 ways to encourage innovation within your organization. The headline for each of the 14 tips is as follows: 1. Follow your fascination 2. Immerse 3. Tolerate ambiguity 4. Make new connections 5. Fantasize 6. Define the right challenge 7. Listen to your subconscious 8. Take a break 9. Notice and challenge patterns and trends 10. Hang out with a diverse group of people 11. Brainstorm 12. Look for happy accidents 13. Use creative thinking techniques 14. Suspend logic Those are the 14 tips. Of course, the devil is in [...]

Is the LMS Dead?

by elearnadmin
No, says, Is the LMS Dead? writer Ed Cohen of Plateau, but it’s reinvented to include social networking, Web 2.0, and collaboration tools. In today’s “new” LMS, user-driven content should be able to be shared, enhanced, commented on and rated, with the goal of increasing workforce efficiency and productivity. Learners should be able to post questions, documents and best practices and also be able to locate subject-matter experts and information quickly and easily. These shifts in functionality serve to not only make learning more social, but also complement the formal learning capabilities found in traditional LMS solutions. The article describes [...]

Tom Kuhlmann’s Free PowerPoint Template + AirDropper

by elearnadmin
Tom Kuhlmann shares a PowerPoint template and two tutorials about how he did it. His visual inspiration is the AirDropper website. (AirDropper is a service that lets you use Dropbox to share files without having to install the Dropbox application.) Both the template and the tip about AirDropper are very good. (TW) Tagged as: rapid e-learning View the original article here
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