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eLearningZoom joins force with Eco-hut Academy for Green Job Training

by elearnadmin
Robert Srinivas, CEO/President Eco-Hut Academy discusses how eLearningZoom will make a big difference in delivering Green Job Training to everyone for job creation!

eLearningZoom joins force with Green Coalition for Green Job Training at Green School Summit

by elearnadmin
eLearningZoom is excited to be part of the Green Coalition formed by Les Hamasaki, COO at Green Technology Institute. Matt Fok, the CEO and Founder had an opportunity to interview Les for his vision on how the Green Coalition will help create more jobs in the new green economy!

How to Create an Online Course Using eLearningZoom

by elearnadmin
eLearningZoom has been mentioned as one of the top LMS or eLearning Software in the recent independent review.

eLearning & On-Demand Training can prepare small businesses for Swine Flu this fall

by elearnadmin
As Swine Flu becomes a show stopper to many small businesses, elearning software  and on-demand training can be a cost effective solution to address the crisis. According to the guidelines issued Monday, a small business plan should include the designation of a workplace coordinator responsible for H1N1 issues. The plan should also: Encourage sick workers to stay at home without fear of reprisal. Find ways for workers to work from home. Promote personal hygiene, such as frequent handwashing. Encourage workers to get a seasonal flu shot. Encourage workers to get the H1N1 vaccine when it becomes available. Provide workers with [...]

Back to School Resolution – Get Ready for Swine Flu this Fall?

by elearnadmin
What is your Back to School Resolution? In a new strategic partnership with Green Technology Institute and GreeniTV, eLearningZoom will be working with GreeniTV to enable every schools for online training and online learning. You can download my presentation on the web site. The report was released by a group of top scientists tasked with looking at the Swine Flu threat and the nation's preparedness.  They are careful to say the following is not a "prediction" but rather a "plausible scenario" of what we may face, soon: --30-50% of the US population may become infected with the flu --As many as [...]
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