Continued Education & Schools
  • According to the latest Market Research statistics, more than 50% of college libraries sampled offered some type of training program or special class to distance learning students.
  • 72.73% of colleges with between 500 and 2,000 distance learning students had a distance learning webpage on their website that catered specifically to the needs of distance learning students.
  • 77.78% of research universities offered video tutorials in information literacy, and public colleges offered them somewhat more than private colleges did.
  • 4-year degree granting colleges and MA and PHD granting colleges were the most critical of their efforts to cater to distance learners, with 62.5% and 60% saying that they should be doing more.
If you are thinking about starting a virtual school eLearningZoom can help. Whether your institution is just getting started or you have been in business for years, there are many benefits that eLearningZoom can offer.

From elementary schools to online colleges, the education sector is varied. For this reason it is important that you have a flexible online learning management system that suits the needs of your institution and your learners. eLearningZoom was developed with every party in mind, and this shows through in all of the benefits that are available.
  • eLearningZoom makes it easy to offer online courses to learners. In addition, the ability to link courses together makes the process much easier on learners.
  • With several communication tools available, retention and success rates are sure to rise. Available communication tools include live, chat, bulletin boards, and VOIP via Skype.
  • Program delivery in multiple formats and integrated testing enhance the overall experience. Additionally, learners can take self-assessment tests to determine what they should learn before enrolling.
Schools – Starting a virtual school does not necessarily mean that you have to give into high costs and even higher maintenance. eLearningZoom All-in-1 LMS Software has found a way to combat this problem.
  • Instead of paying thousands of dollars for the set up of a Learning Management School you can now employ a cost effective solution at prices as low as $1/user.
  • eLearningZoom On-Demand offers more benefits than a “one time” webinar. With eLearningZoom All-in-1 LMS Software you can host real time training conferences while also being able to discuss the details via a message board after the meeting.
  • eLearningZoom offers a learning process flow that allows the trainer to get an overall assessment of the learner. This is done by offering a quiz to every learner in order to test their current knowledge. In the end this gives the trainer the flexibility needed to present the appropriate material.
Associations – What makes your association unique? What special benefits can you offer to your members? Perhaps you are looking to increase association revenue or memberships? Do it all and much more with one solution. eLearningZoom All-in-1 LMS Software is the ultimate revenue generation tool for associations of all sizes.

With eLearningZoom All-in-1 LMS Software, associations of all sizes are able to:
  • Integrate online training into your membership system.
  • Present users with a targeted selection of content based on their membership status.
  • Provide a single online source to promote anytime and instructor-led courses.
  • Offer corporate members the ability to build branded and private-labeled sites to deliver a combination of association, corporate and third-party courses and content.
  • Automate the tracking, assignment and due date notifications for compliance certification and re-certification.
  • Offer e-commerce capabilities that allow learners or organizations to pay online, in a shopping cart manner via credit card, pre-paid agreements, or company purchase orders.
Benefits and Features

Faster Deployment

  • eLearningZoom can help you to create and launch online course in minutes instead of weeks and months.

  • With eLearningZoom flexible learning workflow, you can easily customize your learning session for your target audience anytime anywhere without programming skills.

  • eLearningZoom on-going online classroom 24/7 offers more than teleseminar and webcast providers. With those services you only have the chance to interact during the live demonstration one time. With eLearningZoom you can effectively provide two-way interaction for all online seminars and workshops during and after the presentation.

Expand Your Reach While Reducing Your Costs and Time

  • With eLearningZoom All-in-1 online training solution, you can cut back on travel costs for both yourself and your clients anytime anywhere.

  • Your customer base is no longer limited to your geographical area. With eLearningZoom, you can get in touch and train anybody from all over the world. By being able to expand your reach, you will also be able to increase your profits.

  • eLearningZoom All-in-1 online training portal provides tools for administrators to easily and quickly design, roll out and administer customer education in minutes.

  • eLearningZoom All-in-1 online training portal provides a complete online self-service learner portal to foster learner communities for all customers.

  • eLearningZoom virtual classroom and live collaboration tools reduce costs of training for both your organization and customers eLearningZoom All-in-1 online training solution provides simple to use tools for administrators to build a corporate university in minutes and for learners to increase skills and knowledge and manage career growth.

Personalized Learning Environment

  • eLearningZoom flexible learning workflow allows you to personalize every training session specially tailored to your target audience to increase skills and knowledge and manage their development activities

  • eLearningZoom delivers SKYPE real-time voice/video on-demand training to associations, training centers, and schools.

  • eLearningZoom provides you an on-going online training which can be kept for as long as you want for your learners. You will always have the real time training material available well as asynchronous interactions.

  • With eLearningZoom on-going virtual classroom, you can effectively build an expert knowledge program and courses that can be shared to increase skills and knowledge across the overall associations and schools.
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