Creating a Patient-Centered Future for Health Care

New medical technologies are constantly being invented and added to doctor’s offices and hospitals. But most of these are developed from the physician’s point of view. What if medical technologies were developed for patients, to help them manage their own health care? Then the technologies would work and look different than the complicated machines that technicians use to scan our bodies or carry out other medical procedures. The patient experience and the physician experience would change.

This is the premise of a post by Alissa Walker, a design writer for Fast Company’s Co.Design website. She quotes designer Kai Worrell who says, “There’s almost no conversation about the experience from the patients’ perspective — a shift which could radically change the health care industry.” The video in this post investigates medical technologies from both a patient and a physician point of view. A new partnership could really change things. (GW)

Creating a Patient-Centered Future for Health Care | Co.Design | Alissa Walker | 28 September 2010

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