Creative Fund-raising Recurring Income Model for Associations, Communities, Non-Profit Organizations

New Year Resolution starts with new creative fund-raising recurring model for associations, communities, and non-profit organizations.

eLearningZoom currently supports over 16 languages ( French, English, Portuguese, Dutch, German etc) for the new eLearningZoom 3.0 release. In addition, communities, associations, and organizations can leverage eLearningZoom to monetize content, and expert-knowledge through creative business models as follows:

  • Fund-raising through online courses, and ebooks
  • Offer eLearningZoom services for all members (reseller package). Organizations can offer premium services for facilitators, consultants, and small businesses to launch on-demand courses and training programs. For example, a 5000 members association can resell eLearningZoom services for $50/month for 25 users for their members. eLearningZoom can work with you on the actual¬† pricing model for cost-effectiveness.
  • Imagine you have 5% of 5000 members sign up, that would be $12,500 (250*$50) monthly recurring income for the association. The ROI is loud and clear. This is a LEVERAGE model that every organization should deploy for more benefits to every member.
  • Offer membership program for recurring income

For more detailed information, please contact [email protected] for a free consultation.

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