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eZ-Xpo represents an exciting opportunity for many companies to expand their marketing reach, foster communication and collaboration, create better learning experiences and produce large scale events. But how can you leverage this promising new tool to increase corporate performance at a fraction of the cost of traditional physical events?

Virtual Event Best Practices
With over twenty years of virtual event and customer relationship management experiences, eZ-Xpo consultants ensure the success of your events by supporting you every step of the way with services ranging from event planning, email campaign, production to delivery of post-event follow up and reporting.

eZ-Xpo also provides a comprehensive Events Strategy and Planning to provide you with the tools to leverage the best practices across many different event types. Our best practices can also optimize your event with guidelines for effective content for webcasts and presentations.

eZ-Xpo Consulting can help you uncover opportunities and build an innovative virtual strategy that will differentiate your organization and drive real results. eZ-Xpo offers these and other related services to support your virtual events:

Event Strategy and Planning – Automated-registration e-mail campaign – pre-show success kit, confirmations, show-open reminder, post-show survey and exhibitor data portal

Event Production – Engaging environment design that is intuitive and easy-to-navigate

Attendee Support – Motivating attendees to provide accurate profiles and engage effectively

Exhibitor Recruitment and Support
Marketing Collaterals – Ensuring exhibitors, presentation and education content is of interest

CRM, email campaign – design marketing campaign programs for qualified leads and effective follow-up
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