eLearningZoom Launches a New Bold Approach to Higher Academic Achievements and the Swine Flu Epidemic
PASADENA, CA – (December 9, 2009) eLearningZoom.com, a global leader in on-demand online training solutions announces at the Green School Summit in Pasadena, CA its partnering with the Green Technology Institute, Inc. and the Green Institute for Village Empowerment (GIVE) to launch its Green School Solution, a new bold approach to higher academic achievements and to overcome the threat of swine flu epidemic through strategic partnership with green technology specialists, schools, teachers, and parents leveraging eLearningZoom 2.0, the industry’s first all-in-one online learning platform.

The eLearningZoom Green School Solution is specifically designed to address three key objectives: 1) achieve higher academic performance; 2) help prevents Swine Flu and keeps schools open 24/7; and 3) offer continuous income opportunities for students, teachers, and schools.

The key features of the eLearningZoom Green School Solution are as follows:
  • Continuous Education Program – By leveraging eLearningZoom 2.0, students can learn more via online tutoring and access to 24/7 online learning portal. Teachers, students, and parents can collaborate to monitor student performance. eLearningZoom 2.0 consists of three integrated learning applications:
  • eZ-LMS – a complete online learning management system enabling schools and companies to create and launch online courses in minutes, along with self-assessment and tracking systems.
  • eZ-Web Meeting – a complimentary web meeting service enabling teachers, tutors, and students to launch real-time webinars supported by video via webcam, audio (VoIP), and sharing of PowerPoint presentations, desktops, and whiteboards.
  • eZ-Contact – an integrated email collaboration service allows schools, and teachers to communicate with students on an on-going basis and set automated reminders for course items.
  • Green Technology Training Program – By leveraging the latest Green Technology training programs, students and teachers can learn and apply the latest green technology and to help enhance both their career and environment which is healthy and cost-effective.
  • Potential Unlimited Income Generation Program – A complementary FREE eLearningZoom 2.0 portal (currently limited to the first 100) will be offered to all qualified school participants so that schools, teachers, and high academic performance students may conduct tutoring services and other professional training and career advancement programs to earn an attractive part-time or side income.
This breakthrough learning solution embraces the latest training technologies to collaborate with the latest Green Technology Training Programs allowing institutions to create a flexible learning and content environment. With the eLearningZoom Green School Solution, the program has the unique capability to integrate the best of class teaching technology and the latest green technology to measurably improve student retention and success.

“Today’s challenging economy and Swine Flu epidemic demand a new bold approach for a creative cost- effective learning solution. eLearningZoom Green School Solution is the best of all world combining the most cost-effective best of class online teaching technologies, latest green technology, and continuous income generation program so that schools can deliver their classes online and offline 24/7 and earn continuous income through various programs. Students can learn anytime at home and at schools with the online tutoring and online courses. Parents can easily monitor their children’s academic performance anytime through the eLearningZoom online learning portal. With eLearningZoom Green School Solution, not only can we help prevent the Swine Flu from spreading through online learning; but it also helps students to learn at home 24/7. Virtual classroom solution will help overcome the threats of school closing due to the epidemic,” said Matt Fok, CEO of eLearningZoom.com.

eLearningZoom will be showcasing CrossWalk Charter Schools who participates in eLearningZoom Green School Solution at the Green School Summit in Pasadena, CA. Keith McCarter, B.S., J.D., the Director of International Students for Crosswalk noted, “by leveraging this competitive advantage, we can offer a wide range of instructor-led online courses and self-service courses both real-time and on-demand to meet the needs of a much broader audience 24/7. This applies to the adults for job training, students for the K12 curriculum and the international students learning English quickly.”

Show attendees will have a chance to personally learn more about eLearningZoom Green School Solution; and “test drive” the eLearningZoom 2.0 ‘s capabilities. “Test drivers” will have a first-hand experience in creating and launching online course in minutes.

For more information about eLearningZoom 2.0, including a free 30-day trial, visit www.eLearningZoom.com.

For more information e-mail eLearningZoom’s Office of Communications at: [email protected]
The Green California Schools Summit and Expo will be held at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, Calif., from Dec. 9 through 11. From school gardens to recycling programs and energy efficiency retrofits, the summit will explore high performance schools — whether new buildings or renovations — that can save money, keep students and faculty healthier and engender life-long environmental awareness. The summit also will include special event for teachers. At the Pathways to the Future Teachers’ Institute, educators will learn about real-world applications of sustainability from professionals in green fields including advanced transportation, recycling and green building — and engage in hands-on exploration of curriculum resources.

The Green Technology Institute, Inc. (GTI) is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to empower the next generation of green collar workforce and eco-entrepreneurs to build a sustainable future. GTI is involved with developing Greentech Centers for Excellence in schools and communities to facilitate the transition from the Gray Economy built on oil and coal to a Green Economy powered with renewable resources.
The Green Institute for Village Empowerment is an organization dedicated to the education and promotion of sustainable lifestyles, technologies and development practices. GIVE is a non-profit charitable public benefit corporation formed in 2006 to expand sustainable communities through education, information, research and initiatives that convert concepts to action. GIVE is about teaching business, the public and youth about the economic and environmental profitability of a green future.
Crosswalk: Hesperia Experiential Learning Pathways is a 501(c)3 which operates a green elementary school and a green high school in the City of Hesperia. Crosswalk is scheduled to open another school which is a dual emergence green elementary school in the City of Rialto in the Fall of 2010. The name of the new school is Academy of Green Emissaries and it will instruct its students in the languages of English and Mandarin.
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