eLearningZoom Virtual Academic Achievement Ecosystem (VAAE)

Below is a summary of  eLearningZoom Virtual Academic Achievement Ecosystem (VAAE) Proposal for the Bill Gates Education Challenge.

Just like what Steve Jobs said, it is all about connecting to all the missing dots. The eLearningZoom Virtual Academic Achievement Ecosystem (VAAE) is a new game changer to solve today’s US education crisis with high dropout rates for K12 and college students. The eLearningZoom VAAE is a complete integrated student centric achievement solution consisting of three key applications (Social Learning, Virtual Job Fair, and Virtual Math/Science/Innovation Contest Competition that addresses the following three roadblocks to college education –

  1. Social Learning/Mentoring Portal (www.sociallearningmarketplace.com) – This innovative social learning collaboration portal is designed to bring all stakeholders together (i.e., parents, students, teachers, schools, and mentors) to address the current challenges for planning, information, and peer support for every student.
  2. Virtual Innovation Contest Competition (VICC) Powered by InnovationExpo365 – This innovative VICC is specially designed to motivate every student, teacher, and parent working together and get excited about science, innovation, and math with on-going collaboration with the latest technologies.  The top finalists will get rewarded with scholarship and prizes with each contest.
  3. Virtual Job Fair (Powered by JobExpo365.com) – This innovative Virtual Job Fair is specifically designed to help every student prepared for the workforce by providing them a gateway to connect to the workforce even they are in schools. Students can participate in each virtual job fair from their schools.  The Virtual Job Fair will close the gap between the real-life job requirements and what they learn in class.




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