Free e-book: Learning Perspectives 2010

The Masie Centre has just released a free e-book with contributions from “40 Global Learning Leaders”. Edited by Nigel Paine & Elliott Masie, they describe the four sections of the book as follows:

New Learning Frameworks – “The first section shares some new paradigms for learning.”Under 30 Perspectives – “The second is a collection of views of the 30 Under 30 Group, who entered into the spirit of the book by producing their visions, views and comments in a very short amount of time. There are 24 worthwhile and challenging comments from this group…” Learning in Action – The third section presents a range of case studies based on organizations that are alive and well today. Learning Changes – Finally, we look at the future and focus on what will change or stay the same.

The e-book is available for download by clicking the following here. (AW) 

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