GroundWork Open Source Deploys eLearningZoom Learning Suite to Offer certification training worldwide
GroundWork Open Source is using eLearningZoom Learning Suite to offer distance learning and certification training in order to ensure that customers, employees, and partners were efficiently and properly trained.

San Francisco, CA – April 28, 2010 – eLearningZoom.com, the global leader in on-demand All-in-1 online training solution, announced today that GroundWork Open Source (GWOS), with headquarters in San Francisco, California, has implemented the eLearningZoom Learning Suite platform to deploy certification training program to their customers worldwide.

“eLearningZoom helps us improve on what is most important to the execution of our business strategy – the satisfaction of our customers with better training on Ground Open Source products.” said Thomas Stocking, Co-Founder, GroundWork Open Source

By implementing eLearningZoom Learning Suite, GWOS was able to get products to market faster and ahead of competition due to faster time-to-competency through increased, individually targeted training. This will allow more time for developing new and innovative products, keeping GWOS one step ahead of the competition.

“We are excited to have GroundWork Open Source as our customer in the fast-growing IT management and network monitoring industry. We are committed to deliver the best of class online training solutions to increase the bottom-line productivity and performance.” said Matt Fok, CEO and Founder of eLearningZoom.com.
About GroundWork Open Source (GWOS)
eSan Francisco-based GWOS (gwos) is the market leader in commercial open source network and systems management software, delivering enterprise-class network, system and application management solutions at a fraction of the cost of proprietary solutions.

GWOS’s best of breed approach gives customers the flexibility to use diverse open source and proprietary technologies together under a unified interface, allowing users to leverage the advantages of open source while simultaneously preserving existing investments in legacy management tools. GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Edition powers organizations like Alexza Pharmaceuticals, National Geographic Society, Crocs, National Australia Bank, Siemens, Travel Click and World Bank, and is available to monitor any environment up to 100 devices for $49 USD per year.
About eLearningZoom.com
eLearningZoom.com is the global leader in on-demand All-in-1 online training solution with users around the globe. Our broad suite of Software as a Service (SasS) offers companies with all in one online training solution with learning management system, email marketing campaign, and real-time conferencing capabilities for compliance, certification, and professional training.

eLearningZoom Social Learning Suite is a suite of application services consists of eZ-Web Meeting, eZ-Contact, and eZ-LMS. eLearningZoom is committed to deliver the best of class simple to use, flexible, and affordable online training solutions with focus in optimizing business performance and productivity. The company’s eLearningZoom consultants have over twenty years of eLearning-Zoom and enterprise software consulting experiences with Fortune 500 clients such as Siemens AG, Hewlett Packard, and PEUGEOT. For more information on eLearningZoom, please visit http://www.eLearningZoom.com or email us at [email protected] or call 1-888-718-5333

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