HR Systems Joins Force with eLearningZoom to Deliver Social Learning to Department of Navy
San Francisco, CA., September 21, 2012 – eLearningZoom, a new game changer of Online Training and Social Learning Provider, today announced that HR Systems, a leading HR Training Company has successfully launched an online training portal for US Navy using eLearningZoom Social Learning Suite. With today’s challenging environment, organizations including public agencies as well as private sectors are all embracing online training for its cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

“We are extremely pleased that HR Systems decided to collaborate with eLearningZoom to deliver eLearningZoom Social Learning to the US Navy for speedy compliance training for all employees.” “With eLearningZoom Social Learning, US Navy employees can easily take the online course for compliance training quickly with only a fraction of traditional physical training,” said Matt Fok, CEO & Founder of eLearningZoom.

“eLearningZoom has done an amazing project for the US Navy for a very short lead time in less than a week. We are extremely happy and impressed with their high touch services and responsiveness.” I am looking forward to work with Matt Fok and his team for more exciting projects ahead,” Carrie Rowell, HR Consultant/Operations Manager.

“With today’s high oil price close to $100, eLearningZoom Social Learning is the best cost-effective online training solution for all organizations for employee training, and customer product training. With eLearningZoom Social Learning Suite, organizations can easily and quickly launch online training program for compliance training as well as product training for their employees, and customers, and strategic partners anytime anywhere. The eLearningZoom Social Learning Suite consists all-in-1 social collaboration features such as forums, blogs, wikis for on-going collaboration and knowledge management.”
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eLearningZoom.com is the global leader in on-demand All-in-1 online training solution with users around the globe. Our broad suite of Software as a Service (SasS) offers companies with all in one online training solution with learning management system, email marketing campaign, and real-time conferencing capabilities for compliance, certification, and professional training.

eLearningZoom Social Learning Suite is a suite of application services consists of eZ-Web Meeting, eZ-Contact, and eZ-LMS. eLearningZoom is committed to deliver the best of class simple to use, flexible, and affordable online training solutions with focus in optimizing business performance and productivity. The company’s eLearningZoom consultants have over twenty years of eLearning-Zoom and enterprise software consulting experiences with Fortune 500 clients such as Siemens AG, Hewlett Packard, and PEUGEOT. For more information on eLearningZoom, please visit http://www.eLearningZoom.com or email us at [email protected] or call 1-888-718-5333

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About HR Systems
HR Systems focuses on all aspects of HR in hiring, training, and compensation. Its customers include Fortune 5000 customers such as Quiznos Sub, Subway, Great Western Bank, First Mortgage Company etc.

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