Knowledge Management and E-Learning

Welcome back again my friends!

After a very pleasant vacation, it’s time once again to place both feet on the tread, brace my shoulder against the spoke, and turn the mill-wheel of knowledge that is the E-Learning Curve Blog.

Let’s begin again by returning to the fundamentals.

When I consider e-learning as a domain and as a discipline, as well as ponder its strengths, weaknesses, implications – and how best to define it, I invariably return to Don Morrison’s definition of the term as my lodestone. It is simply the most satisfactory description of the term.

As a reminder, here’s Don Morrison’s definition of e-learning:

The continuous assimilation of knowledge and skills by adults stimulated by synchronous and asynchronous learning events – and sometimes knowledge management outputs – which are authored, delivered engaged with, supported and administered using internet technologies.

(2004, p.4)

Why choose this definition?

Well, if we analyze the key terms in Morrison‘s definition, and scrutinize them in the context of the profession, we find that it is the most comprehensive set of criteria to enable us to understand e-learning.

Over the last three-ish years, I’ve discussed many of the terms in this definition. Over the next period of time I will dissect the phrase knowledge management: I would assert that it must be a topic worthy of further investigation, as the term “knowledge” occurs twice in a relatively short (33-word) definition; by contrast, the term “learning” only occurs once in the definition (though of course “learning” is implicit in the definition).

Not without some trepidation, it must be said. You’ll begin to understand why if you return tomorrow.

…but today, it’s good to be back!



Morrison, D. (2004) E-Learning Strategies: how to get implementation and delivery right first time, Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

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