Lots of Tips and Tutorials on Rapid eLearning

Rapid authoring tools are handy when the creation of online materials is simple and straight forward presentation of materials. Tom Kuhlman at Articulate has two blog posts that outline what is possible in terms of rapid development of learning materials. The first post is called Over 75 Free Rapid eLearning Resources, and contains useful information on a wide variety of tools for authoring content. The second post is titled Here Are More than 200 Rapid eLearning Tutorials, and contains all the free advice you will need to use to rapid authoring. (GW)

Over 75 Free Rapid eLearning Resources |Rapid eLearning Blog | Tom Kuhlmann | 9 November 2010

Here are More than 200 Free Rapid eLearning Tutorials | Rapid eLearning Blog | Tom Kuhlmann | 20 April 2010

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