Pondering a “Post-LMS” World

Mal Poulin and Paul Bejgrowicz of RWD Technologies add intelligence to the “Is the LMS dead” debate by reframing it.

They say, in a nutshell (and I’m paraphrasing):

It’s not that the LMS is dead…Or even that some organizations are putting a portal in front of their LMS to make it more social and to allow access to stuff that’s not in the LMS…It’s that there are data about employees’ learning that are not in an LMS…such as data automatically collected by big ERP or CRM systems about employees’ transactional proficiency in them…and data in HR/talent systems about employees’ competencies…and data in any other business intelligence system an organization might have.

So, the authors are saying that it’s not that the LMS is dead, it’s just that we should acknowledge that “data about what employees know” are not only in LMSs.

And ultimately, to have that perfect dashboard of learning, we’ll have to deal with that.


Assessing Learning in a Post-LMS World | 3 March 2011

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