Remote Control Robots Used to Teach Language Skills

There’s a shortage of English teachers in South Korea. There are, however, many English teachers in the Philipines. To solve this supply and demand challenge, the South Korean government has created remote control robots that are operated by teachers in the Philipines.

As an engineering achievement, they are a feat. Brightly colored and shaped like penguins, the roughly three-foot-tall robots can roll around, recognize speech, and display facial expressions as they broadcast audio. They are designed to help with pronunciation, among other tasks.

Mun Sang Kim, director of the institute’s Center for Intelligent Robotics, believes robots produce a more engaging learning experience than conventional synchronous instruction using a Web cam. He also believes that the “role of robots will go up steadily, and the role of human teachers will shrink … but will not vanish.” (RN)

Robot TeachersAre the Latest E-Learning Tool | The Chronicle of Higher Education | Jeffrey Young | 31 October 2010

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