Slideshare’s Zipcast: A light, Cloud-Based Synchronous Presentation Tool

In case you haven’t noticed, a significant trend in learning technology is the growth of small, light, cloud-based applications. Whereas older, established, solution providers focused on adding more and more features to their software, providers of these new apps keep the feature set low and focus on ease of use.

Slideshare’s Zipcast is one such product. It’s a Web conferencing tool designed for synchronous online presentations and is well suited for virtual classroom applications. Unlike more advanced tools, you can’t schedule or record a presentation and can only have a single presenter. Below is a Robert Scoble interview about the product. (RN)

Slideshare’s Zipcast – Like Ustream For Presentation-Based Meetings | Make Use Of | 24 February 2011

Tagged as: live online learning, presentations, synchronous learning

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