Small & Medium Business
Educate Your Customers & Partners for Sustainable Advantage
In today’s competitive market landscape, everyone is bombarded with social media information and advertising information, so it is critical that we change the game. Instead of just promoting your products and services, your company should start out-teaching your competition about the usage and application of your products and services. By doing so, you change the game with a collaborative learning strategy that can pull more qualified leads and traffic to your business. This is exactly how many Fortune 5000 companies created their brand awareness by teaching about its usage.

eLearningZoom offers the world’s 1st All-in-1 LMS Suite specifically to help every company of all sizes to train employees, customers, and strategic partners. It brings the best of all worlds, combining on-demand self assessment as well as live video conferencing capabilities.

eLearningZoom All-in-1 LMS Suite empowers your employees, strategic partners, & customers to:
  • Foster team collaboration with automated learning programs, performance reviews, and other talent processes
  • Empower employees and managers with planning and collaboration tools
  • Accelerate human capital achievement, learning programs, and teamwork with social networking tools
  • Create customer and partner communities
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