Social Learning Fundraising
Connect, Collaborate, & Educate
eLearningZoom Social Learning Fundraising is a new game changer for online fundraising for all non-profit organizations to motivate everyone to share their talents/knowledge and monetize it for fundraising for good causes for non-profit organizations.

eLearningZoom Social Learning Fundraising solutions for marketing, fundraising, and program delivery empower your institution to raise more money and build a greater presence for your institution online. From social media, virtual training conference, online marketing, and web design, our solutions empower you to deliver a sustainable fundraising campaign everyday.
  • Empower every constituents to share knowledge for donors
  • Engage and communicate more effectively with constituents
  • Improve stewardship online and offline
  • Build student communities online
  • Leverage social media to connect with students, alumni and donors
  • Access to Over 20,000 Learning Titles From Leading E-Learning Providers
Already have an online fundraising solution? We can still help you with attracting and engaging more donors faster with more value — with our All-in-1 Social Learning Fundraising solution.
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