Technical Considerations for Mobile Learning via Tablets – A Preliminary List

About a month ago, I blogged on how Deloitte Canada’s Ducan Stewart predicted a dramatic increase in tablet sales in enterprise for 2011. As we move into February and more and more tablets emerge, so does the data and information about tablets.

Yesterday, John Paczkowski blogged about a recent Morgan Stanley survey of 50 enterprise CIOs of large organizations. The survey found that over half of the CIOs expect to be buying tablets for their staff within a year.

Moreover, Gary Woodill blogged yesterday about the various books about m-Learning that are now available. We can deduce from the emergence of books in this field that there is a growing interest in using mobile devices for learning.

But what should you be your key technical considerations at the moment when it comes to developing mobile learning for tablets? The following is a very preliminary list as I start to ponder criteria. I would really appreciate feedback on them.

Flash readiness: The list of mobile devices that support Adobe Flash is very slim. For example, Apple’s iPad does not support Flash, yet BlackBerry’s Playbook will. But why is Flash so important? Because quite a bit of the e-learning that has been developed in the last decade has been built using Flash. In fact, regardless of the technology you will be using to develop your learning content, be aware that the lack of uniformity amongst devices makes selecting your development application one of the most important strategic decisions you can make.Varying screen resolutions: Until the arrival of HD monitors, we started to have a pretty good standard for the user interface for developing e-learning courseware. However, tablets are going to be all over the map when it comes to screen size and resolutions. I can already see my lead designer pulling his hair out.The costs: Do you want your learning project to be an App that you can sell commercially? If so, you better start reading up on contract clauses. Yesterday, Rhapsody announced that it had an issue with Apple’s new App Store policy of taking a 30% cut from publishers who sell content with their apps.

There are surely many more considerations, technical and other, to take into account. These are just 3 important technical considerations but I’m certain you have thought of more. I’d very much like to hear about them. (KS)

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