The E-Learning Curve Blog is 2010 Edublogs Awards Nominated!


Anyhoo, as you’ll know if you’re a regular reader of the E-Learning Curve Blog, I do more than just author this modest contribution to life online: this site links to my e-learning consultancy website (Michael Hanley Consulting), and to my two podcast services; the E-Learning Curve Podcast is (unsurprisingly) about technology in education, and the Other One, which is aboutnominated_elearningblog subjects that interest me but are not e-learning-related (but are probably educational). Some of the topics I’ve covered include the Golden Age of Aviation, music, and architecture, to name but a few.

I’m delighted – and very, very honoured – to tell you that the E-Learning Curve Blog has been shortlisted for the Best Elearning / Corporate Education Edublog 2010 at this year’s Edublogs awards.

If you’re an e-learning person, you are probably familiar with; just in case you haven’t had the opportunity to explore the site, Edublogs has been hosting blogs and providing custom blogging platforms to individual teachers, school districts and hundreds of thousands of students since 2005. Over the last half a decade, they have grown to become the largest, most trusted, best supported and widely used way for teachers and students to engage with the world of blogging.

Indeed, back when I was a blogging newbie I had an E-Learning Curve Blog mirror hosted on Edublogs. One of the aspects of Edublogs I really liked was that it enabled me to learn the craft – some would say the ‘black art’ of blog authoring – in a user-friendly, community-based, collaborative environment. Being an advocate of Open Source, I also thoroughly approve of it being based on the WordPress CMS platform.

Good luck to everyone nominated in each of the twenty three categories in this year’s awards.

Especially me…

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