The Global Protection Network (GPN) and eLearningZoom Partner to Offer Online Education
SAN FRANCISCO, AUGUST 17, 2009 – The Global Protection Network, a humanitarian organization, and eLearningZoom.com an advanced instructional technology company, are now partnered to further the mission of online education. Chris Shawe, CEO of the Global Protection Network believes the new partnership with eLearningZoom will not only enhance their planned curriculum, but creatively and technologically meet the needs of today’s professionals. “ eLearningZoom.com, is one of the most advanced, integrated, and cost effective instructional technology platforms available today, and I have every confidence that alongside of my colleague Matt Fok ( CEO of eLearningZoom.com), that we will unitedly help further online education in the global arena.”

eLearningZoom.com, best known for its distinct edge in instructional technology, will assist GPN with developing its new online training programs in human rights education. In particular, with training government officials, and other humanitarian organizations in human trafficking. “Fighting against human trafficking is a global challenge. Education is the key to stop human trafficking. With eLearningZoom 2.0, we can help Global Protection Network to stop human trafficking by offering on-demand training program 24/7. We are excited to partner with the Global Protection Network to create awareness, educate communities and elicit support, so we can save lives and protect the human rights of vulnerable people,” said Matt Fok, CEO of eLearningZoom.com.

The new curriculum offering by GPN includes, dynamic training in global civilization and human trafficking awareness. In addition, the curriculum will also help to meet the needs of today’s corporate employers, state and federal agencies, NGO’s, as well as other humanitarian organizations. The new formed partnership is also expected to assist educators in implementing online instruction through GPN’s Media department.

For more information e-mail GPN’s Office of Communications at: [email protected]
The Global Protection Network is dedicated to providing human rights awareness in human trafficking, and global civilization studies. This is achieved by providing educational resources in human rights, creating white papers and reports on industry wide hot topics, and forming organizational partnerships in order to effectively help our global neighbor.
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