Turning Employee Engagement Into Innovation

It is a truism that modern businesses run on innovation. Because we like in a time of rapid change, methods, products and processes that were current or hot ideas one year are the rejected for a fresh approach the next year. James Pasmantier of the innovation management company BrightIdea has a detailed post on how best to encourage employees to produce a continuous stream of innovations. Some of the best practices include:

Consistency: It’s crucial that recognition is consistent to avoid confusion and hurt feelings. It will also make it easier for other employees to model the desired thoughts and actions. Establish a guideline for desired performance or actions to help keep recognition consistent.Communication: It’s important to be clear about what and why your employee is being recognized. Not only is it a chance to make it apparent that you’re paying attention, but also you have the opportunity to provide other feedback—areas of improvement, weaknesses, etc.Personalization: Different employees want different recognition. Some may want to be publicly recognized, others may simple want a pat on the back. It’s important to always keep your recognition personal. A boilerplate note given to every team member does little to inspire them to go the extra mile.Reward Effort, Not Just Success: Enthusiasm and effort are as just as important to recognize as success. Even if it ends in failure, constructive criticism along with praise will build trust and encourage employees to take meaningful risks.

There’s lots of other tips in this useful article. Check it out. (GW)

Rewards and Recognition: turning employee engagement into innovation | BrightIdea | James Pasmantier | 22 February 2011

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